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Source Inspection Guidelines

By maintaining a technical presence throughout the entire production process, we assist the vendor base in "building in quality, not inspecting in quality". To ensure this, we conduct extensive in-line and end-of-line quality auditing. This degree of involvement, greatly reduces the likelihood of quality problems, and provides for a consistent outcome to your offshore sourcing efforts.

Source Inspection Parameters (PCB)

All testing is conducted in accordance with IPC-A-600E (Acceptability of Printed Boards) and the End User's general fabrication specifications . We conduct the following testing:

  • Random sampling per MIL-105D.
  • Electrical O/S testing; This consists of:
    • Check test fixture to ensure that there are no test points are missing
    • Verify that all the test probes are making good contact.
    • Finally, we confirm that all testing parameters conform to the customer's specification requirement.
  • 100% Electrical Testing. (programmed with a golden board)
  • Perform mechanical inspection to include:
    • Board thickness verification
    • Hole size measurement
    • Outline dimension measurement
  • Perform visual inspection to include:
    • PCB Fab drawing compliance per the customer's general fabrication specifications/IPC specification.
  • Gold/Nickel Thickness testing (if required) to include X-ray verification and gold porosity testing.
  • Conduct Soldermask/Copper thickness testing and verification by microsectioning.
  • Conduct solder thickness verification through the use of X-Ray verification.
  • Conduct chloride through the use an Omega Ohm Tester.
  • Conduct solderability testing using the dip solder test (260C, 5 seconds)
  • Perform solder float test: solder dip (280C, 30 seconds)
  • Perform pre-ship bake audit.
  • Perform packaging inspection.
  • Engineering includes the following in carton #1 of every shipment:
    • QC report
    • Microsection
    • Solderability sample

Process Capabilities (PCB)

For a complete overview of Far East Resources' in-process and end-of-line quality assurance involvement, please call or email and request of a copy of Far East Resources Quality Assurance Manual.

You get what you inspect, not what you expect.
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