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Process Capabilities

Far East Resources enters no exclusive representation agreements with its vendor base, we are only limited by the capabilities of those vendors we source from. By choosing to remain a "free agent" in the industry, and not being confined by one-to-one relationship with our supplier base, we can bring any and all the advantages from any supplier in any country we have offices in.

Base Laminates Available FR4, CEM1, CEM3, FR2, FR1, FR5,
Polyimide, BT Epoxy, Teflon
Technologies Available Rigid, Rigid-Flexible, Flexible, Backplanes, Thin Core, Blind/Buried/Microvias, Impedance Control, Hybrid Circuitry
Min. Line Width/Spacing 3/3 Mils
Aspect Ratio 10:1
Min./Max. Layer Count 1-42 Layers (Rigid Technology);
4-10 Layers (Rigid-Flex Technology)
Max. Board Size 600mm x 760mm
Min. Finished Board Thickness 3 mils (.075mm or .002")
Max. Finished Board Thickness 7.6mm
Min. Finished Hole Tolerance Mechanical: 8 mil
(.20mm or .007")
Laser: 4 mil
(.10mm or .003")
Max. Finished Copper Plating 3 oz Cu
Surface Finishes Available HASL, immersion gold/tin/nickel, selective gold plating, electrolytic gold plating, OSP, Carbon Ink, Peelable Soldermask, silver through hole, SN100C, Leadfree HAC
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