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Cost Factors for PCB Sourcing

There are any number of variables that could have effect the cost of a PCB. The following parameters should be considered when designing/purchasing PCB's:

Manufacturing Concerns

  • Size of production release quantities
  • Number of layers
  • Size of PCB
  • Effective use of panelization (Effective panelization allows for no or minimal panel scrap, and takes in account the efficiencies based upon the supplier's largest allowable panel size)
  • Other laminate efficiencies (This relates to how efficient the supplier's working production panel is based on the size of the board, and the scrap rate per production panel)
  • Manufacturing Yield
  • Manufacturing Equipment Efficiency
  • Number of holes
  • Number of sizes of holes
  • Hole size density (Number of holes per square inch)
  • Special hole requirements (blind via, buried via, tight tolerance via [6 mils and below], etc.)
  • Copper Plating Tolerances
  • Choice of Laminate Material
  • Special Laminate Usage (Teflon, Mylar, etc.)
  • Additive Plating Requirements (Entek, Corfin, OSP, Gold plating, etc.)
  • Trace Width Requirements
  • Line Spacing Requirements
  • Special Board Features (control impedance, RF requirements, etc.)
  • Special Packaging Requirements (ESD material, etc.)
  • Outline Dimensioning Issues
  • Capacity Restraints
  • Ease of Manufacturability

Transportation Concerns

  • Overall weight of shipment
  • Shipment Frequency
  • Final Destination (if located outside the service area of an international airport, custom facilities, etc.)
  • Mode of Transportation (Whether it is ocean or air transport)

Purchasing Concerns

  • Purchasing Leverage with Supplier Base
  • Number of Suppliers
  • Consolidating the frequency of purchase for a single commodity
  • Effective planning and forecasting strategies
  • Inventory control issues
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