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About Us

Far East Resources offers contract procurement services in four Asian Pacific countries through the use of twenty-four, directly-employed design, manufacturing, and quality assurance engineers. We offer a risk-averse approach to sourcing in the Far East by managing all efforts to include:

  • Production Management
  • In-Line Quality Assurance
  • End-of-the Line Quality Auditing
  • Transportation Management
  • Custom Clearance
  • Final Delivery
  • Financing

See more about the value-added services Far East Resources offers.

What's on this Site

Company Profile:

An overview of Subsidiaries, Corporate Earnings, Affiliations, References (D&B), Officers, etc.

Countries we maintain a Presence In:

Countries we currently staff engineering offices in.

What we Purchase in the Far East:

Provides a list of commodities that we currently purchase on behalf of our clientele.

Value-added Services we provide:

Gives a detailed explanation of all management responsibilities provided for by Far East Resources.

PCB Capabilities:

Outlines the parameters and thresholds of our PCB sourcing abilities.

How do we guarantee quality?:

Summarizes our source inspection and reporting processes.

Purchasing in Asia:

Describes all the various purchasing strategies one could implement for procurement in the Far East.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Presents an in-depth look at the services offered by Far East Resources in a question and answer format.

Links to Industry Sites:

An ever-growing directory of industry-specific web sites for your research and enjoyment.

On-Line Quoting:

A web-based quotation service that we offer to both customers and those that are curious.

Contacting Us:

Provides the address, telecommunication numbers, etc. to Far East Resources, with a direct e-mail link for easy online correspondence.

Directions to our Corporate Offices:

Provides detailed directions from Mass Pike, Route 495, and all other major routes. We have also included a map for your convenience.

Other Features of this Site

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If you need any assistance in using the reader, installation and customer support can be answered at the Adobe website. We have made the following files available on our website:

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