Far East Resources, Inc.

A leading international procurement organization focused on providing various circuit technology to the commercial industry

Interconnecting the World

Extending your reach without extending your risk.

Far East Resources is an international purchasing organization that has been assisting its customers in the sourcing of printed circuit boards (PCB) and other electronic interconnection devices from the Pacific Rim since 1976. Through the use of 24 directly-employed engineers in 4 countries, we aid our clientele in achieving global competitiveness without the risk associated with direct international purchasing relationships. Far East Resources offers a "total involvement-total quality management" strategy by managing all efforts of procurement from production management to final delivery, providing a competitive, risk-free solution to offshore sourcing.

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Do You Have Any of the
Following Problems?

  1. Your current PCB vendor is passing on unjustifiable material cost increases and you need to find an alternative.
  2. Your design department needs to do design for profitability studies and you need to find a pricing model.
  3. You need an efficient way to benchmark your company's designs but you don't want to interface with sales initially.

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